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Joanne Turner

Joanne is an accomplished writer, presenter and speaker who loves to spread an entertaining word about a healthy lifestyle in a range of media forums. With over a decade of media experience in television, radio and print media, and extensive media training, her passion for healthy living shines through her easy to understand writing and presenting style, and adaptable nature to be able to communicate to any group of people, both young and old. She is a born motivational speaker and educational entertainer.

Joanne is the resident dietitian and exercise physiologist to Diabetic Living Magazine, MaxFm Radio, ABC NT Radio, and Nickelodeon Australia.

Joanne is an official media spokesperson for Sports Dietitian's Australia (www.sportsdietitians.com.au) and regularly appears on television, radio and print media commenting on a broad range of topics relating to food, nutrition and health. For more information on Joanne's media experience visit www.joanneturner.com.au/media.htm

Joanne’s areas of interest and expertise are: 

  • Diet and exercise for diabetes and lifestyle diseases
  • Kids nutrition and exercise needs
  • Baby nutrition needs
  • Weight management / the obesity epidemic
  • Corporate health
  • Juggling a busy lifestyle
  • Staying healthy while juggling a family and a career
  • Eating and exercise for energy and productivity at work
  • Healthy lifestyle on a budget
  • Disordered eating
  • Fast food and eating out
  • Our food supply - understanding food labels
  • Portion size and what really is balanced eating
  • Sports nutrition and hydration

Joanne also writes healthy recipes for publication! Joaane has published many healthy recipes online, in her cookbooks - Pregnancy and Baby Toddler titles and in Australian magazines.

Joanne Turner

For media consulting enquiries contact Joanne Turner directly by:

Email: joanne@nuactivehealth.com