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Experienced Media Team

NuActive Health has a team of health professionals very experienced in working with the media. They are all confident in working in television, radio, print and electronic media.

Our health professional writers, presenters and speakers love to spread an entertaining word about a healthy lifestyle in a range of media forums. With over a decade of media experience and extensive media training, our passion for healthy living shines through our easy to understand writing and presenting style, and adaptable nature to be able to communicate to any group of people, both young and old.

We understand the pressures of deadlines, so we will work around the clock to meet your deadlines, if for some reason we will not be available to reach your deadlines, we will put you in touch with an equally experienced and dedicated health professional that will suit your media needs.

NuActive Health is passionate about helping people understand good nutrition and exercise principals, communicating in a clear and simple, but accurate manner.

NuActive Health’s areas of interest and expertise are: 

Diet and exercise for diabetes and lifestyle diseases

Kids nutrition and exercise needs

Baby nutrition needs

Weight management / the obesity epidemic

Juggling a busy lifestyle

Staying healthy while juggling a family and a career

Healthy lifestyle on a budget

Corporate health

Eating and exercise for energy and productivity at work

Disordered eating

Fast food and eating out

Our food supply - understanding food labels

Portion size and what really is balanced eating

Sports nutrition and hydration