Good Nutrition + Active Lifestyle = Better Health

Areas of Nutrition and Exercise expertise and special interest

NuActive Health integrates the latest science with your individual lifestyle, so no matter what your needs, goals, and motivation levels are, we can develop a plan that is so simple to follow, that the only problem is, you will be asking yourself why didn’t I start this sooner?

Our practitioners' areas of expertise and special interest cover a large area of nutrition, dietetics and exercise physiology, they include (in alphabetical order only).

Anxiety and stress disorders (diet & exercise intervention to assist)


Blood Pressure

Bowel disorders ( Consitpation, Diarrohea, Irritable Bowel)



Coeliac disease

Corporate health (how to juggle a busy work schedule and health)

Chronic Fatigue


Disordered eating (which may not be classified as an eating disorder)

Eating Disorders


Energy Levels

General health and well being with no specific illnesses


Family Health ( how to juggle health needs of different family members)

Fertility (and assisting a healthy pregnancy)

Heart Disease

Healthy eating for teenagers

Infant Feeding

Intolerances to foods

Maternal health (pregnancy and breast feeding)

Men's Health

Mental Disabilities



Over weight and Obesity

PCOS - Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome

Pre Diabetes

Sports Nutrition

Under management

If you want further information of what our services include please don't hestitate to contact us.



Referrals are not required but are recommended.

Download a pdf copy of the referral pad to take to your doctor