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Buy Joanne Turner's new cook book- Pregnancy.

Eating well during pregnancy is very important for you and your baby. To ensure you are both getting all you need for optimum health, it is recommended that you include a range of nutritious foods in your diet.
This cookbook provides healthy recipes for all occasions making it easy for you to know you’re getting the variety you need, as well as getting your baby;s health off to a good start! Don't let the title sway you if you are not pregnant, this is a great book for male or females looking for simple healthy meals for all occasions.

Order your copy now here!

Cooking Classes

NuActive Health runs a range of healthy cooking classes.

With state of the art cooking facilities sponsored by major companies (see below), the opportunity to demonstrate to individuals and the world, that healthy cooking is fun, easy and tasty will be an exciting one. With 8.5 million Australians overweight, 3 million with diabetes or pre-diabetes, and an exponentially growing number of cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases, it’s inevitable that the demand on the health industry will continue to grow.  NuActive Health® is committed to improve the health of as many Australians as possible. Wouldn’t it would be wonderful if enough people could be convinced to adopt a healthy lifestyle and we saw a significant reduction in the economic burden of lifestyle diseases that we are currently faced with?


We also offer a range of nutrition courses for culinary experts to show chefs and food editors how they can impact Australian's health by the food they cook and write about. With nearly a decade of experience working in food media, coauthor of the recipes in Diabetic Living Magazine a Better Homes and Garden's, Pacific Magazines publication, and writing our own cookbooks, we show chefs that food can really look and taste sensational while at the same time be healthier if not completely healthy. We all like to indulge in decadent food occasionally, dietitians included, but when high salt, fatty and sugary foods that lack nutrients creep into everyday eating on a regular basis, food contributors need to take their part of responsibility in this. In saying that their is no point attempting to produce healthy food if they don't know how, there is nothing worse than a recipe being labelled healthy if in fact it's not. Which is where our course comes in - we fill the gaps that their culinary training has missed and help them be experts in cooking all styles of food including special dietary requirements.

For more information on our cooking classes as an individual, group or culinary expert courses please contact us on cooking@nuactivehealth.com


Jo Turner Cooking on YouTube

In this video Jo shows people on the Optifast VLCD program how to add flavour to their vegetables.

Click on the of picture of Jo to WATCH NOW!


Our next cooking class is on Saturday 7th February 2015 3pm

Please call us to book, as available spots are booking out fast! 

Here are future dates for our cooking classes in the coming months:

  • Saturday 9th May 3pm
  • Saturday 13 June 3pm
  • Saturday 8th August 3pm
  • Saturday 5th September 3pm
  • Saturday 10th October 3pm
  • Saturday 7th November 3pm
  • Saturday 5th December (Christmas Special Class) 3pm

All welcome!